DRAGON BALL LEGENDS 2.8.1 APK + Mod High Damage Android

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS 2.8.1 APK + Mod High Damage Android Download

Dragon Ball Free Download is an animated film, a comic dating back many generations. Transferred from the film, the game was first introduced at the GDC conference. He went to explore the world to study martial arts master and discover dragon balls with his friends. He met and opposed the villains who intended to dominate the world. This comic series also has a special appeal with exciting stories that make it one of the world’s best-selling comic books.


DRAGON BALL LEGENDS 2.8.1 APK + Mod High Damage Android

The DRAGON BALL MOD legends are plotted after the power incident and the revival of the 12 universes. Without being found the strongest, King Kai-oh decided to organize the time event, allowing all the characters to connect through different periods. The tournament features a special character. There are a lot of Dragon Ball games, but very few really attractive games that appeal to a large number of players. If you think Dragon Ball Fighter is the best game then maybe Dragon Ball Legends will change your mind.

Become the most epic fighter in Dragon Ball. Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk to fight against other players around the world in this epic battle saga. Experience the full action of this card-based fighting game, where your characters will fight off the commands on the card that you lay on the screen.


This is an awesome card game where you get to collect all the best power-ups and special moves, as well as an enjoyable fighting game where you get to see your heroes fighting it and summoning each other for energy attacks. To destroy with.

The animated film tells the story of the adventures of Songoku and his friends, who are looking for Dragon Ball Hack. Along the way, he constantly rehearsed being strong, at the same time punishing the bad guys. In the end, he is a fighter who saves the world from destruction.

The game is similar to Bandai, One Piece: A Game of Bounty Rush. In the game, you will become a character in Dragon Ball APK, take part in adventures and fight with other players. There is a lot of danger waiting in the front. You must destroy all enemies to win. You must master the skills of the character, combine well to be the strongest. Have you ever thought that you can use less hem? No more imagination is needed.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS 2.8.1 APK + Mod High Damage Android


Dragon Ball Legends Premium MOD follows the role-playing game. During the fight, the player will choose fighting skills for his character to damage the enemy. However, each skill used by the player will consume mana, and when this source of myna is exhausted, the player needs to use myna recovery skills or use other support items. Each battle, players can bring up to 3 characters and choose a character to fight. Each character has a finite source of energy, and if Vitalism is exhausted, this character will die. Players can switch to fight other characters. Try to destroy all 3 characters of the opponent’s team to win the final. Overall, the gameplay of this game is quite simple, the controller is optimized for design, it only involves skills on the screen, and the player touches the screen to change the direction of movement.

How to Play Dragon Ball Legends

When it comes to mastering in Dragon Ball Legends APK MOD, you want to make sure that you are fully aware of these useful tips to win more in the game. Level up your characters and collect the Dragon Balls, but make sure you’ve got the basics first. Who hasn’t won a war game that’s only bashing the hell out of control and hoping for the best? Dragon Ball Legends, being a card-based game, works a little differently and it is worth spending extra time to master the combat system in the game. Learning how to attack your rivals most effectively will help you a lot in playing Dragon Ball Legends. Make sure that you are fully aware of the basics of the gameplay using the tutorial and some before you set out. Doing practice games. Adventure.


  • Menu mod
  • DMG Multiple
  • Protect many
  • Unlimited key
  • Cost nothing
  • No swap cd
  • Autocomplete challenge
  • PVP PVE Mod
  • All cards give dragon ball
  • Unlimited disappear
  • Unlimited increasing crowd skills

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS 2.8.1 APK + Mod High Damage Android
How to Set Up

  • Step 1: Install APK

To complete the game tutorial you must install APK Bypass. You cannot do this if you are using the MOD version.

  • Step 2: Complete the tutorial

as mentioned above. Complete the in-game tutorial.

  • Step 3: Install MOD

After completing the instructions. Please install the MOD version to override. It is complete.



Dragon Ball Legends APK is indeed a game that cannot be missed this year. I believe that anyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball Crack animation loves this game. believe me. you will like it.


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