GBWhatsApp v15.30.0 APK Download for Android


GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. You will have many extra features such as the transmission of large files-how to hide the last photo is an example of a MEDIA without a computer.

In addition to the tools networks and the integration of additional functions such as e-mails and professional news apps are also very popular. In China, many WeChat used, but in the united states, we have WhatsApp messenger is relevant. You can tell there’s one of the most popular tools that devoted to the news of the world playing side by side with the group of Large Facebook. In general, each product has its own comfort, and it combines a large database system. WhatsApp has reached 1 billion downloads the system around the world has been true for a very long period of time. They also use it to present their work, discuss and communicate with their family members. However, as with everything else in the world, WhatsApp has properties that are not able to please all the users.

There is a huge difference for the indian market based on manufacturers to be a few other things. They don’t need extra platform on their own. But only mods and repair of the weak points or things that users would like but they not supported in the original). Similar mods out there really seem to be much on the Internet. But it might be just GBWhatsApp be able to get to the most important.

We can say that it was so good that even those who have experimented with to many mods to come back after a period of testing. All the best features and performance improvements are always updated. Free of charge on their own web pages well as a free-to-download, fast, and, without a moment’s hesitation. You can use as a bookmark to this article for the latest information. ecause we also have to monitor and continually update the patch on the same day.

Recently, GBWhatsApp has released a new patch for this one, 2019, we DARE to post here. In short, in spite of the new update, it’s quite easy to create a variety of devices. With only 29.5 MB, you can use the fastest and the most powerful messaging in the modern world. In comparison to other top-end apps, and it was very well optimized. For example if you select a device then it is reasonable to set the volume level of 500 MB in size.

So, with such small numbers, that is, the integration of the main functions it is to be successful. The applications are still based on the Whatsapp platform. So you can be sure that it is very easy to use without having to learn a lot to make it free to use. Because of the features that simply hidden from them, they will only work if you do it manually.

Discover hundreds of new features

Get the latest version and updates of the latest features that users need, when they do not want to communicate. In fact, the “GBWhatsApp” is a messaging tool. But for a variety of situations, you have to refuse to be a bad call. Might need to get some sleep for work in the morning, or in a meeting, or even with people. You don’t want to continue on with the conversation. Sometimes we talk too much, we lose our privacy. My last tick, Hide second tick, Hide blue tick, … and all the signals are telling you that the Network is able to force one of your friends. Do not tamper with to them, even if they are not online all the time.

No, these hidden features that you should avoid the use of WhatsApp as that you may want to avoid that person. Customizable themes that updated continuously, and in his mind. So that you can freely customize the application to fit your specific needs. You can use your environment to express their own personality, rather than a clean-and-dry as that of the original. Users are able to customize a pair of prescription glasses that feel attractive and there are no limits.

I will list some of the most interesting new features. In order to get an overview of this app is to make a decision to use it soon. The first one is a chat box where you can specify the content by using the update packages for third-party applications. For other applications, they can limit the set of the stickers, the office, and the “GBWhatsApp” It have no limits. New fonts and a new launcher, icons, these are new things for you to do is to make your conversation more colorful.

The recording of the voice of the slot. It also deleted from the “GBWhatsApp”, so that you can send a longer message. It seems to be very important because sometimes you need a cover version of a song. For those of you who love it but limit it to feel very depressed. In addition due to the removal of the restrictions no longer need to press and hold the symbol in the button. In order to shoot you simply press the button and you can easily send them to your voice.

Something a little more advanced videos that you can use to send to your friends. They will be able to develop up to 50 MB, which is quite a big number. It’s the number of documents been increased to 100, 30, in the original version. So that you can easily deliver the files to your boss or without the expenditure of a great deal of work. In parallel, the user can enter is 255 characters instead of 139. All of these have limited capabilities, are the ones that have the most ‘GBWhatsApp’ users pay attention when using it.

Download GBWhatsApp v15.30.0 APK for Android
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